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Newsletter, November 2011

05 Nov 2011 10:37 PM | Anonymous


Who knew that we had such thespians in our midst? Ron Ziff gave a knock-out performance at last month’s MCLE Dinner on Family Law, play- ing Mr. “I Want To Keep It All” to Maryanne Golsan’s knowledgeable attor- ney advising on prenup agreements. And in a separate vignette, Mar- yanne played Ms. “My Husband is a Deadbeat” in consulting with attorney Ron about a post-nuptial agreement. It was an informative and entertain- ing presentation. Many thanks to Ron and Maryanne.

I hope you’ll all join me at Truxton’s on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 for a delicious dinner and discussion on probate law. Our speaker will be Alan Davis, who will present “Probate: A to Z” (He wanted to call it “Every- thing You Ever Wanted To Know About Probate, But Were Afraid To Ask”, but I had used that last month for the family law program). I first met Alan in a bar in Costa Mesa and he’s a good guy and fellow Rutgers Alum. Af- ter leaving the great state of New Jersey and serving in the military, Alan ended up in California where he got his law degree from Western State. He has a solo practice specializing in probate, guardianships and conser- vatorships. Since he will be driving up from Santa Ana to join us, I hope we have a large turnout to make it worth his while. And if you want to know why I was hanging out in a bar in Costa Mesa, you’ll just have to come on November 15th and ask me.

Leslie M. Baker President


And I don’t mean for Republicans or Democrats. It’s time for our Annual Meeting of Members and Election of Officers and Directors. That’s right...if you want me to continue to produce these amusing lit- tle newsletters, you have to reelect me as President. The Notice of the meeting along with a Ballot and Proxy were mailed to each mem- ber this week. There were a few typos in the Proxy: the meeting date should be November 15, 2011 and the termination date of the Proxy should read November 16, 2011. (This is what happens when you do things at the last minute or late at night). In any case, if you can’t make it to the meeting on November 15th, please mail your Proxy to the Culver Marina Bar Association, c/o Michael Fate, 11100 Washing- ton Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232-3988 so that it is received no later than November 14, 2011.




Leslie M. Baker


Ron Ziff

President - Elect

Olivia Sanders


Maryanne Golsan


David M. Shaby II


Michael Fate

Executive Director


Michael Burstein Monica Castagnasso Michael Fate
Harold Gould
Rick Pearce
Gerry Sallus
Hali Ziff


Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011, at: 6:00 p.m.


Truxton’s American Bistro, 8611 Truxton Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA. 90045 310-417-8789

To RSVP, call Karena at 310-827-7171

November, 2011 Newsletter


Once again, CMBA will be throwing a fabulous Holiday Party at Tony P’s in Marina del Rey. Although Hanukkah doesn’t start until December 20th and Christmas isn’t until...well, you know when Christmas is... our party is scheduled for December 3, 2011 (early enough that it won’t conflict with other holiday party plans). The fun starts at 6:00 pm so don’t be late. There will be wine, games, food, wine, revelry....did I mention the wine?!? There may even be magician! And the thrills don’t stop there - we will be installing new officers during the party and you KNOW that you don’t want to miss that!! Seriously folks, I went to the party for the first time last year and had a blast. The cost is $50 per person for a 3 course meal (4 courses if you count the appetizers, which I helped select), entertainment (aforementioned magician, singer or a combo), games and prizes, and holiday cheer. The Evite will be going around soon, but you can beat the rush by sending your RSVP and check to Culver Marina Bar Association, c/o Golsan, Ziff & Ziff, 5840 Uplander Way, Suite 102, Culver City, CA 90230, Attn: Chasca,


WHO: Alan Davis, Esq. WHAT: Probate A to Z

WHERE: Truxton’s Bistro, 8611 Truxton Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90045


(In Westchester off of Manchester Boulevard)
Good food, good conversation and MCLE credit
much does it cost? $40 for members / $50 for nonmembers


November 15, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Speaking of thespians, our very own Hal Gould has another commercial airing. I’ve seen it twice on the local Fox station while watching “Raising Hope” and reruns of “The Big Bang Theory” (which is seriously one of the funniest shows on television!). Anyway, the new “Got Milk” ad is set in a dark and gloomy boardroom where a bunch of old men . . . er, elderly gentlemen . . . sit around brainstorming about how to waste money. Hal’s the guy who sug- gests trying to convince the public that milk can be made out of something other than cows . . . Like beans or something. If you see the ad, raise a glass (of milk, or your beverage of choice) to Hal. Congratulations Hal!

I GET MAIL......

1. The State Bar is accepting applications to serve on a broad range of committees, special boards, and commissions. The final date for applications is February 1, 2012. More information regarding the specific vacancies and instructions on how to apply may be found here: http://cc.calbar.ca.gov From that page, you will see links to the appointment application and to information regarding the various committees, special boards, and commissions.


2. The State Bar will hold its annual hearings on attorney discipline, admissions and competence on December 7, 2011 in San Francisco and on December 13, 2011 in Los Ange- les. The purpose of the hearings (ostensibly) is to provide an opportunity for members of the public and the legal profession to make proposals or offer comments regarding the attorney discipline process, the admissions process or the maintenance or improvement of attorney competence.


Senator Dianne Feinstein has established a Judicial Advisory Committee in each federal district to review candidates for the position of U.S. District Court Judge. If you know of a candidate you believe would serve with distinction as a district judge, please encourage him or her to submit an application. These applications and directions are available at this link:

http://feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/applications-jud <http://feinstein.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/applications-jud> .

Although applications will be considered on a rolling basis, the Committee will be working to provide candidates to the Senator as soon as possible. Therefore, please encourage any candidate to submit his or her application by Tuesday, November 15, 2011.


We still have members that have not paid their dues for 2011 and who have not turned in the new membership application form identifying their areas of practice and the status of their affiliations with the Los Angeles County Bar Association. The application is available at our website, at the following web address:


We are in the process of updating our on-line Directory and members who have not paid their dues or turned in the new application forms may not be listed in the directory when it is com- pleted, so we need to get everyone to submit their application along with their bar dues so that we can update the on-line directory. Please follow the instructions to complete the form and send in your form and your dues ASAP.


November 15, 2011 - November 24, 2011 -

December 1, 2011 - December 3, 2011 - January 5, 2012 - January 17, 2012 -

Editor: Michael Fate


Elections for the Board of Directors and Dinner and MCLE (Probate Law with Alan Davis)

Take a turkey to dinner day. No wait, that’s eat a turkey for dinner day.

Board of Directors Meeting at The Warehouse Restaurant Holiday Party at Tony P’s
Board of Directors Meeting at The Warehouse Restaurant

The day after my sister turns 50! No wait, it’s Dinner and MCLE with David Wesley, the Assistant Presiding Judge of the L.A. Superior Court. 

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